Who is the Tech Analyzer?


Tech Analyzers possess the technology temperament. They are the ULTIMATE thinkers, problem solvers and geeks who use technology for EVERYTHING! Analyzers readily share ideas, new innovations and current trends.They love the latest and greatest devices and know the specs before a product is on the shelf. When it comes to tech, Analyzers have the answers before people can ask the questions. Their creativity and vision help bring new inventions to light. Without them, we’d still be counting with sticks.

In the Tech Classroom


Analyzers are independent learners who love exploring abstract concepts and gathering knowledge in a never-ending quest to understand the world.  They learn best from teachers that they respect and are usually very successful in the tech classroom. They prefer working on open-ended activities with more than one possible solution. They work well with project-based learning that includes active-reflective investigation opportunities. Analyzers love to invent new words and tech-speak. They'll explore all elements of a topic they love to exhaustion. The good thing is they become experts, though for many it is often at the expense of relationships.


Working With Others


What they bring to the group: When it comes to technology, many Analyzers consider themselves Freelancers and prefer working alone. They will readily take on the Team Player role when they can be the person in charge or are working with others that they believe to be more or equally competent.


Potential Pitfalls: Analyzers overthink EVERYTHING and sometimes forget to act! They ask questions and naturally go beyond the comfort zone of others. Their search for knowledge can leave others lost or bored. However, Analyzers don't see it that way. Instead they are likely to view their positions as cutting edge, insightful, and necessary. “We cannot plan if we do not understand.” Of the four temperaments, they are the most likely to challenge the knowledge and competence of others. They will point out mistakes, inconsistencies, and offer unsolicited advice.  This is not always appreciated in spite of their good intentions. It is important that students work with others from time to time to help develop new skills. The challenge is that Analyzers can somtimes be know it alls and can dominate a group. One way to counteract this is to define roles within the group before beginning a project.

Fictional Analyzers


Hermione Granger - Harry Potter (secondary Organizer)

Mr. Spock - Star Trek (secondary Organizer)

Data - Star Trek Next Generation

Jean Luc Picard - Star Trek Next Generation

Sherlock Holmes

Sheldon Cooper - Big Bang Theory

Bruce Wayne/Batman– Justice League

Tony Stark/Iron Man - The Avengers

Loki - The Avengers

Nick Fury - The Avengers

Abby Sciuto - NCIS

Penelope Garcia - Criminal Minds

Spencer Reid - Criminal Minds

Yoda - Star Wars (secondary Communicator)

Squidward – Sponge Bob