Who is the Organizer?


Organizers love activities that are productive and help us make sense of our world. They bring structure to projects and are great at making plans and seeing them through. This makes them powerful team members. They often have a regal demeanor as if they are used to being in charge. They speak in clear, concrete, direct language, but their directness can make a question or suggestion seem like a command.

In the Tech Classroom


Organizers are concrete sequential learners who thrive in an orderly, traditional classroom environment. They expect to have clear instructions and will follow rules easily. They have a strong work-ethic. Organizers will create thorough, detailed projects. They benefit most from direct instruction and their traits are secondary indicators of success in the business technology classroom.

Working With Others


What they bring to the group: Like their Analyzer counterparts, Organizers work best when roles are clearly defined. They often like to take charge, even if it only to keep track of the groups progress. 


Potential Pitfalls: The Organizer’s are very task-oriented. They are often seen as uncreative because they are willing to settle for the first reasonable idea if it means that they can check off an assignment. They will be the first to get something done, but need to recognize the importance of considering more ideas. They will challenge anything that involves change that they do not understand. Giving as much advance notice as possible will put these students at ease. They should be given opportunities to work with other types in leadership roles to help then see that there are many ways to achieve group goals.

Fictional Organizers


Raj Koothrappali - Big Bang Theory

Scotty from Star Trek

Mr. Crabs from Sponge Bob